How the Cloud Crumbles

Apocalypse, Back to Earth, Water

Monsoon arrives in the Himalayas after a long-winding journey across the Bay of Bengal, sweeping over the Ganga Delta, upwards to paint the mountain slopes green.

Painting the Mountains White

Back to Earth

Every once in a while, Eduardo Gold climbs to a sunburnt, oxygen-low altitude of 5,000 meters to deface the Andean glaciers, all with the best of intentions.


Dance, Back to Earth, Trash

The Latin Latas: Colombian music, Latino-American wit, homemade instruments and symphonies of junk.

Black Trees

Teenagers, Back to Earth

It is impossible to deny the power of a dark anguished teenager perched on the edge of a dry branch. This is the pop version of an old icon.


Back to Earth

Step by step, insurgent gardeners are winning over the underworld, armed with aloe, dandelions and blooms of all kinds.


Back to Earth, Happiness, Ecology

“Eco-friendly” is a national attitude in Bhutan, where plastic bags are banned and individual households devote their free time to monitoring the forest. Kunzang Choden explains what magical spirits and past monarchs have to do with Mother Nature.