Dirty Chongqing

Beijing, Lust

Sex, lies and Youku in Chongqing, China’s capital of corruption.

Colors in Canton

Without Colors, Beijing

From November 17th to December 25th, visitors in Guangzhou will be able to see COLORS up close.

All the King’s Women

Beijing, Best Wishes

Scarlet neck-ties. Hammers and sickles. Pendulous red curtains. President Hu Jintao summarizing an entire decade in a single speech.

Road to Nowhere

Transport, Beijing, The Road

In China, you can drive right off a cliff without changing lanes.



You will need bamboo leaves, sticky rice and dried pork. You may also want to add peanuts, mushrooms, chestnuts, radish, shrimp and spring onion, bleach, plastic bits and a common housefly or two.

A Dirty Scoop


Waste not, want not. A Chinese dairy company has figured out how to make ice cream from the trash, and so can you.