A Sow’s Ear from Soap

Beijing, Food

Some people like pig's ears. But even those people draw the line at pig's ears that are neither ears, nor made from pigs.

Recipe: Embalmer’s Cabbage


It's spicy, smoky, deliciously toxic. Is this cabbage dish giving you cancer?

Baby in a Bottle


South Korea has "cracked down" on pills made from babies.

Pulpy Milk, Chlorinated Cola


From chlorine contamination to poisonous "Pulpy Milk", the Coca Cola Corporation has had a rocky relationship with China.

Beware the Raisin


@kiziZZZZ: "Now each time when I eat outside or have snacks, I cannot help imagining that I am eating chemicals, and gutter oil, and various filthy pictures fill my mind. And yet with a sigh, I continue to eat".



Ai Weiwei's short-lived surveillance cameras gave Internet art geeks everywhere a brief but glorious opportunity to make fun of Damien Hirst, who also has a live studio feed.