The Penis Park of South Korea

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At Haesindang Park, there are penis wind chimes and totem poles, veiny canons made of iron and a row of fully clothed life-size statues masturbating as their dogs look on.

A Repressed Widow

Best Wishes

"The only remedy for this malady is found in a man’s pants," said Baba Jela after peering into the coffee cup.

There Once Was a Hospital

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It was once said that those who died in San Juan de Dios went straight to heaven.

Chiva Express

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Usually given the names of women, these ungainly buses are baptized by village priests with a few drops of holy water.

Death is a Party

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This is no political rally, no carnival nor religious pilgrimage. This rumbling caravan of cars, bikes and people is a funeral.

All the King’s Women

Beijing, Best Wishes

Scarlet neck-ties. Hammers and sickles. Pendulous red curtains. President Hu Jintao summarizing an entire decade in a single speech.