Best Wishes, Food

Coca Cola. Its formula was one of the best protected trade-secrets in history — that is, until a certain Colombian nearly uncovered the mystery behind its magic.

Classified Love

Best Wishes, Going to the Market, Marriage

In the classified ads of India’s newspapers, you can find a second-hand car, the house of your dreams, a job as a sales manager for a start-up, and/or a new husband or wife.

Faking It

Best Wishes, Happiness

Mitt Romney's robotic "eh. heh heh." creeps everyone out, but the Japanese push friendly insincerity to new extremes with a mandatory "grin-o-meter". So should we fake it or not?


Best Wishes

Meet Johnny Barnes, an 88-year old man in Bermuda who spends six hours a day greeting everyone who drives by.

Conspiracy Theory

Best Wishes, Gifts for the Family

Santa's elves are a global team of volunteers who live and respond to wish lists in towns like North Pole, Alaska and Rovaniemi, Finland.

Looking for Luck

Best Wishes

Eager to brighten their prospects in India’s civic elections, political hopefuls are turning to superstition en masse.