Love in the Obituaries

While You Sleep, Valentine's Special, Death

An intimate love story hidden for nineteen years in the pages of a Spanish newspaper.

Death is a Party

Transport, Superheroes, Best Wishes

This is no political rally, no carnival nor religious pilgrimage. This rumbling caravan of cars, bikes and people is a funeral.


Death, Marriage, Get a Job

In Indian society, your worth is often measured by the number of people that attend your events. So when the numbers fall short, whether it's a wedding or a funeral, you can whip out your wallet and hire some guests.

Mess Hall

Apocalypse, Death, War

Think you're safe? This contagious disease was especially and unusually fatal for healthy young adults –nearly half of the 1918 pandemic’s victims were between 20 and 40 years old.

How to Rest in Peace in Romania


In black and white: the camera pans over my childhood. I am playing in my grandparents’ village, and then my grandmother calls me inside. Our house has a special room for the "death-coffer".

Graveyard Giggles


You usually go to the cemetery to shed a tear, but in Romania you go to have a good laugh.