Frog Juice

Drugs, Going to the Market, Food

For your morning jolt or a bit of help in the sack, there is a new, all-natural compound on the market: frog juice.

Hibernia:  the biggest offshore oil platform in the world.

Money, Drugs, Energy

Tall as a skyscraper, nearly 60,000 tons, neighboured by the shipwrecked Titanic. Population: 200.


Drugs, Slums, Sports

Number 10 actually refers to beans in Neapolitan bingo, but the truth is that ten means just one thing in Naples: Diego Armando Maradona.

Narco Tanks: the Monstruos

Cease Fear, Drugs

Mexican newspaper La Reforma recently released a photo, in its front page, with one of these cars called Monstruos, headlined: “This seems like a war?”

A Town. A Jail.

Drugs, Prison

High walls and a security check will separate you and another 1,500 prisoners from the rest of society.

“Yes, We Can!” The smuggler’s motto

Transport, Frontiers, Drugs

Colombian submarines, Mexican catapults, cross-border go-karts. With the worldwide drug trade worth more than most countries’ GDP, dealers' DIY smuggling strategies represent a lot of potential profit.