Frog Juice

Drugs, Going to the Market, Food

For your morning jolt or a bit of help in the sack, there is a new, all-natural compound on the market: frog juice.

The real Superman

Superheroes, Fans, Eat the Street

As a Superman-for-hire, Mr. Chávez averages US $160 per month- just enough for food and shelter in Peru’s capital.


Transport, Trash, Eat the Street

The Riquimbili, whose name is as untraceable as the parts that compose them, have become one of Cuba's preferred forms of transport.

Mind the Gas

Frontiers, Ecology, Eat the Street

At the inaugural World Burping Championships last Friday, Tim Janus chugged about two gallons of soda to belch for 18.1 seconds, setting a new record for the world's longest burp.

The Sweet Sound of Ice Cream Trucks

Food, Eat the Street

There's nothing like the beckoning call of ice cream truck music. Long before today's food truck craze, ice cream vans reigned supreme among mobile food vendors, distinct for their use of alluring jingles.