Pixaçao: Painting the Sky

Extraordinary Fashion

These pichadores not want to leave any wall clean of their work; even the tallest buildings and most remote surfaces must be painted with symbols that are the seeds of an aesthetic revolution.

Don’t Kill the Messenger

Transport, Extraordinary Fashion, War

These cosmic couriers promise to wake up your sorry, Pabst-soaked, tobacco-stained, inbred existence.


Extraordinary Fashion

On Indonesia's largely conservative streets, it's not uncommon to see a daintily-painted "waria" going to work on the back of a moped.

Beauty is the Beast

Extraordinary Fashion

Peruvian rodents on the catwalk.

Dress Code

Happiness, Extraordinary Fashion

Where do you go to buy a kilt in the Himalayas? Kunzang Choden’s advice keeps you fashion-forward in Bhutan without violating the national dress code.

The Mongolian Secret

Victims, Freedom of Speech, Extraordinary Fashion

On a clear night in the Mongolian steppe, a few kilometers from Ulan Bator, an impromptu party takes place in a small house. A group of brave and self-assured transsexuals drink late into the night, dressed as if it were New Year's Eve.