Rajnikanth is inarguably India's ultimate superstar. So his 63,000 different fan clubs compete to be India's ultimate superfans with rituals that include milk baths, fireworks and head-shaving.



In the small town of Adipur in western India, the biggest festival of the year is Charlie Chaplin's birthday.

Guns For Goals

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FIFA is reviewing a proposal to let people trade in guns for World Cup tickets.

When Sport Meets Marriage


After 600 years of blood, sequins and animal-rights campaigns, the sport of Bullfighting came to an end this weekend with the last ever fight in Barcelona.  And while the fans cry fowl and the PETA-crowd celebrates, it’s clear that we need to replace it with a new sport before someone thinks of an equally gruesome one. While ChessBoxing (apparently ‘The Thinking Person’s Contact Sport’) and…