The Russian Diet


How do you photograph a feeling like hunger? Photographer Fedor Telkov uses minimalism and irony. His new photo series, "Product Set", bares the precarity of subsistence in Russia, where one in five live in poverty.

Ice-cream Rain


At a time when evil corporations are trying to genetically modify our food, the good guys are trying to make clouds that can rain ice-cream.

Appetite for Deconstruction


The Nantoka (Anonymous) Bar has become something of an institution for Tokyo's anti-nuke activists and fringe protest groups.

Dinner for one


Yakiniku, a Japanese dish where meat is eaten as it is cooked on a grill, typically makes for an enjoyable night out with friends and family. But what to do if you don’t have anyone to eat with? Or if for whatever reason you wish to eat yakiniku alone? Sitting down by your lonesome in a restaurant packed with lively groups of chattering revelers might prove embarrassing, depressing or worse.

In Time We Trust

Money, Food, Time

Imagine if you could pay your next restaurant bill with time instead of money. At Time/Food, this scenario takes place at each meal: this temporary restaurant offers daily lunches where the only currency accepted is a half “hour note”, or 30 minutes of each diner’s time. Based on the fixed-price comida corridas of Mexico, the outpost is organized by Time/Bank, a New York based platform where people…

The Big Fat Tax


As two American ladies battle it out for the title of World’s Fattest Woman, and hot dog eating turns into a serious competitive sport – there is one country that is taking the obesity epidemic seriously.

Hungary has decided to introduce a ‘fat tax’ of 10 korint (0.37 Euros) on food with high fat, salt and sugar content, effective immediately. The logic behind the move is simple. According to…