Edible Propaganda - III

Going to the Market, Food, Prison

In China, a chain of restaurants imprisons its customers for the duration of their meals.

Edible Propaganda - II

Going to the Market, Food

The poor of Kiev have a new, controversial soup kitchen.

Edible Propaganda - I

Going to the Market, Food, Shopping

Diners with a death wish head to the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, where every bite could be their last...


Best Wishes, Food

Coca Cola. Its formula was one of the best protected trade-secrets in history — that is, until a certain Colombian nearly uncovered the mystery behind its magic.



The U.S exports 300,000 tons of scraggly yellow chicken feet to China every year. A trade that might just be rescuing American chicken companies.

How To Get What You Want By Hiding


One day, you could be minding your own business, say, buying food in a supermarket, and find yourself suddenly attacked by a salami-wielding septuagenarian.