Curing Soviet Nostalgia at the Gulag Theme Park

Cease Fear, Freedom of Speech, Violence

A former Soviet bunker in a Lithuanian forest where you eat tinned beef and get whipped with a leather belt.

The Hoaxer

Freedom of Speech

Last year, Tommaso De Benedetti brought Spain to the edge of collapse. With Twitter.

After Censorship (Praise for Iranian Living Room)

Freedom of Speech, Photo Studio

Iranian Living Room is a collection of 15 photo reportages, shot by 15 Iranian photographers all under the age of 25, in 15 different homes. Everything seems so normal, and yet it is not.

No More Happy Endings

Freedom of Speech, War

Children should know about evil and sadness. One Bosnian grandmother teaches us morbidity: the evolution of a lullaby tradition.

The Bolivarian Stencil

Freedom of Speech

Of all the Chavez-related street art out there, these and only these are the officially sanctioned stencils that bring Chavez' tracksuit to life.

RIP, Chávez

Freedom of Speech

“Remember, little girl, I’m like the thorn tree that flowers on the plain. I waft my scent to passers-by and prick he who shakes me."