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Freedom of Speech

The good news: now you can read our latest issues on your I-Pad and browse through the pages of almost all Colors issues from 1991 to now. “Almost” is where the bad news starts.

The Mongolian Secret

Victims, Freedom of Speech, Extraordinary Fashion

On a clear night in the Mongolian steppe, a few kilometers from Ulan Bator, an impromptu party takes place in a small house. A group of brave and self-assured transsexuals drink late into the night, dressed as if it were New Year's Eve.

I Loved You, Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things

Freedom of Speech

I read this morning that Kim Jong-Il had died, and the news filled me with terrible sadness. Not because I have any affection whatsoever for North Korea's Dear Leader, but because his passing marks the death of my favourite internet blog.


Freedom of Speech

It is an often quoted statement that the Eskimos have 40 words for snow, perhaps because it is an important part of their lives. Without making any rude allegations, I’d just like to state that the Pakistani government has 51 forms of the word ‘ass’.

The words are part of a detailed list of 1700 words that the Pakistani government has sent to the country’s telecom operators , stating that all text…

Artificial (Un)Intelligence?

Freedom of Speech

From the day in 400 BC that a man in Alexandria built the first mechanical bird, robots have had a firm hold over our imaginations and research budgets. Over the years, we've taught our bots to milk our cows, fight our wars, and date men who would find it really difficult to talk to a non-robotic female lifeform. But perhaps our greatest achievement of all is that we have taught them to be…

The Legitimate Demands of the 25th of January Revolution

Freedom of Speech

Hosni Mubarak's lawyer claims that the ex-leader died in 2004 and has been replaced by an imposter.