Melodramas in Tibet

Freedom of Speech, Frontiers

“The Untold Story of Tibet” is a new soap opera from CCTV. SPOILER ALERT – the Tibetan hero becomes a Chinese patriot.

Yes We Ad

Money, Freedom of Speech, Photo Studio

American presidents didn't used to advertise. It all started with Rosser Reeves, the same adman who coined: "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand".


Freedom of Speech

From broken-down trains holding nuclear weapons to portraits of picketing miners. The word "Other” was added to this newspaper’s name for a reason.


Cease Fear, Freedom of Speech, Wealth

Across South America, Martin Weber asked "Can you write a wish or a dream that you have?" Here are the answers he received.

Spare Rib

Superheroes, Freedom of Speech

Fashion, gossip, men. Women's magazines in the 1800's weren't so different from today's Cosmo or Grazia.

Shanghai Calling

Freedom of Speech

This weekend, Colors Creative Director Patrick Waterhouse will speak to a sold-out crowd at Tedx Shanghai, China.