Melodramas in Tibet

Freedom of Speech, Frontiers

“The Untold Story of Tibet” is a new soap opera from CCTV. SPOILER ALERT – the Tibetan hero becomes a Chinese patriot.

Fun Without Borders

Frontiers, Violence, Immigration

Experience the fun of illegal border crossing.

“Yes, We Can!” The smuggler’s motto

Transport, Frontiers, Drugs

Colombian submarines, Mexican catapults, cross-border go-karts. With the worldwide drug trade worth more than most countries’ GDP, dealers' DIY smuggling strategies represent a lot of potential profit.

Mind the Gas

Frontiers, Ecology, Eat the Street

At the inaugural World Burping Championships last Friday, Tim Janus chugged about two gallons of soda to belch for 18.1 seconds, setting a new record for the world's longest burp.

Pirate Data Drones


The Pirate Bay plans to build a nomadic network of flying data drones, but the really exciting news is that they already exist. An illustration from Fan Qiao Wang and a video of the drones' "balletic aerial choreography".

Space Is The Place

Frontiers, Star City, Travel Special

Booking your next trip? Consider going out to outer space. A number of companies are beginning to offer the vacations to infinity and beyond.