Apocalypse, Get a Job, War

A radiograph of a not-so-funny joke.


Dance, Get a Job

Many of the tunes that topped the Western music charts in the 80s were also extremely successful in India - thanks to a master plagiarist who was passing them off as his own.


Death, Marriage, Get a Job

In Indian society, your worth is often measured by the number of people that attend your events. So when the numbers fall short, whether it's a wedding or a funeral, you can whip out your wallet and hire some guests.

Anything For A Story

Get a Job

We Colors writers are a dedicated bunch who like to think we work really hard on our research. In the name of journalism, we've undertaken all sorts of crazy adventures, from expeditions in the sewers of Barcelona to anti-terrorist workshops. But Australian journalist Simon Eroro just created a new benchmark that we hope will never be surpassed.

Eroro who works for News Limited, was researching a…

The Usual Suspects

Get a Job

Like most other casting directors in the world, Robert Weston has a fondness for alcohol, a vocabulary dripping with expletives, and a strict 'I never say no to money' policy. But that's where his resemblance to the chihuahua brigade ends. His job isn't to cast the next 'Ugly Girl Takes Her Glasses Off And Suddenly Becomes Beautiful' chick flick, but to cast police line ups in the Bronx. For every…

Hotel Dream Jobs

Get a Job, Travel Special

Unemployed? Or just bored at work? Consider getting a job in the hotel industry, where quirky career paths abound.

The Economist reports that the Tides Riviera Maya Hotel in Mexico, for instance, employs someone with the job title “Soap Concierge.” 
After greeting the luxury resort’s guests at their villas, he is tasked with cutting personalized slices of soap for the new arrivals. But these are…