Gifts to Hell

Death, Gifts for the Family

To honor the dead, burn paper replicas of luxury goods from Wi-Fi routers to race cars.


Collector, Fans, Telenovelas

Venezuela's standard of beauty includes a 4 centimetre bust and 2 centimetre hip.


Transport, Toys, Home

"We've had enough of that Apple-style clean aesthetic."


Home, Gifts for the Family

About 80% of Americans have an Internet connection, while less than half of the Venezuelan population is similarly wired. But one Venezuelan scientist, has dedicated his life to providing this right to the rest of his country.

Step by Step

Money, Gifts for the Family

First, a Chinese family developed an oxygen ventilator with bicycles, washing machine parts and water hoses, then Argentinian car mechanic Jorge Cardile built a walking machine to rehabilitate his son's dead arms and legs.

Conspiracy Theory

Best Wishes, Gifts for the Family

Santa's elves are a global team of volunteers who live and respond to wish lists in towns like North Pole, Alaska and Rovaniemi, Finland.