Super (Shadow) Economy

Energy, Going to the Market, Wealth

What Indonesia’s economic boom lacks is Indonesians.

Lost in The Supermarket - Free Tasting

Going to the Market

Free tastings activate a “reciprocity factor” in your subconscious, making you feel bad if you don’t respond by buying the product, or at least looking at it, after a sample.

Classified Love

Best Wishes, Going to the Market, Marriage

In the classified ads of India’s newspapers, you can find a second-hand car, the house of your dreams, a job as a sales manager for a start-up, and/or a new husband or wife.

Lost in the Supermarket - Endless Lines

Going to the Market

Ever wonder why they don’t open all the cash registers?

Lost in the Supermarket - Nagging Kids

Going to the Market

They are whimsical, insistent and impatient, the perfect consumers.

Lost in the Supermarket - $$$

Going to the Market

It’s annoying because you already know it, but a 0.99 sign will always represents a much cheaper price at first impression than a 1.00 sign.