Lost in the Supermarket - Smells and Colors

Going to the Market, Shopping

A supermarket is an unlikely place to acquire flowers, but blooms are still usually placed near the main entry.

Lost in the Supermarket - Time

Going to the Market

The more time you spend inside a supermarket, the more likely you are to grab things you hadn’t thought of buying

Lost in the Supermarket - Space

Going to the Market

Products placed in special locations such as at the beginning and end of aisles will trick your brain into thinking their prices have been lowered. Most of the time, they haven’t.

Lost in the Supermarket - Shelves

Going to the Market

Shelves are divided into three levels. Anything at eye-level will invite impulse shopping.

Lost in the Supermarket - Carts

Going to the Market

Supermarket aisles allow exactly enough space for two shopping carts, which creates traffic jams. You’ll be forced to stop and look around.

Lost in the Supermarket

Going to the Market

Sorry, but the cashier who smiled at you on your last trip to the supermarket wasn’t flirting. It’s all part of a consumerism-inducing marketing conspiracy.