COLORS brings Happiness to Australia


Jumpstart your brain by stopping by COLORS' exhibition of "Happiness and Other Survival Techniques" at Vivid Sydney, Australia.



At 10 pm every night in the neighbourhood of Flogsta in Uppsala, Sweden, students throw open their windows and begin to scream.

SHADOW ECONOMY: Mystical Bike Mechanic


What has six blinking eyes, a big pink fin and only drives in circles? An Indonesian bicycle.

Mechanical Mules

Transport, Happiness

Since 1946, it is impossible to conceive of the coffee region of Colombia without these jeeps.

From Colombia with love

Transport, Happiness, The Road

Have you ever visited Colombia? Have you ever met a Colombian? No?

Red Light / Green Light


Once, not so long ago, the streets of Thimphu had a brief brush with traffic lights. Now, only vague recollections of the alien structures remain. Kunzang Choden illuminates the mystery of the missing traffic light.