Back to Earth, Happiness, Ecology

“Eco-friendly” is a national attitude in Bhutan, where plastic bags are banned and individual households devote their free time to monitoring the forest. Kunzang Choden explains what magical spirits and past monarchs have to do with Mother Nature.

Now On Sale

Collector, Teenagers, Happiness

How much would you pay for the new iPad 3? Colors artist Fanqiao Wang illustrates the cost of the cutting-edge.

Animal Kingdom

Happiness, Animals

The Bhutanese national animal is so bizarre that scientists had to invent a whole new taxonomic category for it. But that’s not why zoos are banned and meat has to be imported. This week, guest blogger Kunzang Choden breaks down the cycle of life.



The Russian presidential election is next week, but President-to-be Vladimir Putin isn't nervous. He's armed with sex, love and toys.

Dress Code

Happiness, Extraordinary Fashion

Where do you go to buy a kilt in the Himalayas? Kunzang Choden’s advice keeps you fashion-forward in Bhutan without violating the national dress code.

Postcards from Prison

Photo Studio, Happiness, Prison

If your loved one is doing time, don’t be surprised to receive Christmas photos from a tropical paradise.