How Ebola Hit the Wall

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Stephen Doe took two months to paint this mural in one of the busiest street of Monrovia, Liberia. DIY communication campaigns like his were fundamental in stopping the spread of Ebola in Western Africa.

Larger than life

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Graffiti obituaries are becoming common features in Serbian urban landscapes, mapping out cities and neighborhoods according to affiliations to football clubs.

The Graffiti Professors

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Acción Ortografica Quito is going around the capital of Ecuador correcting spelling and grammar mistakes in graffiti.

The Penis Park of South Korea

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At Haesindang Park, there are penis wind chimes and totem poles, veiny canons made of iron and a row of fully clothed life-size statues masturbating as their dogs look on.

Drones on Rugs

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Afghan rugs witness the conflicts that have been tormenting the country in the past thirty years: first they showed Soviet weapons, then they depicted the consequences of the 9/11 attacks, today they feature US drones, in quality wool.