Building a women’s revolution in Bolivia

Money, Going to the Market

Construction work attracts increasing numbers of Bolivian women, but they aren't paid or promoted nearly as well as men. Yet.

Hibernia:  the biggest offshore oil platform in the world.

Money, Drugs, Energy

Tall as a skyscraper, nearly 60,000 tons, neighboured by the shipwrecked Titanic. Population: 200.

Harvesters: Mining for Salt

Transport, Money

Hacking at the earth's crust in search of Ethiopia's "white gold": salt.

Call Me Maybe: Cellular assets in South East Asia

Money, Shopping

In South East Asia, asset classes come in different prices and sizes... some of the most interesting in cellular packets.

Yes We Ad

Money, Freedom of Speech, Photo Studio

American presidents didn't used to advertise. It all started with Rosser Reeves, the same adman who coined: "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand".

Surreal Estate

Apocalypse, Money, Mass Housing

The real estate bubble has left its trace on our planet: square graph cities built solely for economic profit stand empty, creating the ultimate dystopian scenery.