The Post-Economy Economy


I'm writing to you from a curb across the street from a discount hostel in Tokyo. I'm not staying at the hostel, but its WiFi isn't password protected, so I'm taking advantage of their lax security as I don't have the necessary credentials required to access the majority of the city's telco-administered hotspots. A twentysomething Aussie backpacker has just finished sweeping up a pile of cigarette…

In Time We Trust

Money, Food, Time

Imagine if you could pay your next restaurant bill with time instead of money. At Time/Food, this scenario takes place at each meal: this temporary restaurant offers daily lunches where the only currency accepted is a half “hour note”, or 30 minutes of each diner’s time. Based on the fixed-price comida corridas of Mexico, the outpost is organized by Time/Bank, a New York based platform where people…

Nuclear Farmville


As the secretive nation of North Korea continues to baffle and occasionally amuse, most of us can only guess about people’s lives behind the Great Wall of Pyongyang.  But there’s one thing we know for sure – they have computers, and they seem to be fantastic at using them.

Over the past few years, the United Nations has imposed sanctions on trade with North Korea in an effort to reduce their cash…