The Escape Archives

Photo Studio, War

When Congolese government troops fled the town of Bunagana in 2012, they left behind their personal photos. Photographer Michele Sibiloni was there to collect them.

After Censorship (Praise for Iranian Living Room)

Freedom of Speech, Photo Studio

Iranian Living Room is a collection of 15 photo reportages, shot by 15 Iranian photographers all under the age of 25, in 15 different homes. Everything seems so normal, and yet it is not.

Thames Town

Photo Studio, A Town

Thames Town is the perfect little English village. Except that it's in China.

Utopic Landscapes

Photo Studio, Ecology

Georg Parthen is fascinated by utopia. The German photographer confesses finding inspiration in science-fiction movies and novels, while his beauty ideals draw on the “brutal and formalistic” architecture of Germany’s Rurh region.

Yes We Ad

Money, Freedom of Speech, Photo Studio

American presidents didn't used to advertise. It all started with Rosser Reeves, the same adman who coined: "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand".

True Stories

Victims, Photo Studio

"Photos don’t necessarily represent the climax of the story", Balley explains, "but rather a time just prior or after it. We never see the crime represented overtly in the photos, but it is present somewhere”.