Curing Soviet Nostalgia at the Gulag Theme Park

Cease Fear, Freedom of Speech, Violence

A former Soviet bunker in a Lithuanian forest where you eat tinned beef and get whipped with a leather belt.

#34: The Head

Violence, Prison

Raffaele Cutolo applied the Sicilian Mafia’s rule of pyramidal power to Naple's "camorra", and gained a power so vast that the Italian Secret Service came to him for help.

A Town. A Jail.

Drugs, Prison

High walls and a security check will separate you and another 1,500 prisoners from the rest of society.

Edible Propaganda - III

Going to the Market, Food, Prison

In China, a chain of restaurants imprisons its customers for the duration of their meals.

Redemption Through Reading


For both the crime-fighter and the criminal, a little dose of Don Quixote.

Charm School

Slavery, Prison, Ecology

Bears are among the “charismatic megafauna” that people just like a lot, ranking high in anthropomorphic appeal along with baby seals, lions, wolves.