Coming out the other side


It’s been three tough months. While everyone else in Italy sunbathed and drank mojitos on the beach, we were locked away in the office, burying our days under the smelliest, grossest and most dangerous topic we could possibly have chosen: Shit.

COLORS 82 is about the 2.6 billion people in the world who need toilets. It explains why they can't find one, and why it’s so important that they do. It…

Oh, shit


Did you know that soybean paste is the substance that, once inside a toilet, resembles the most to shit? TOTO scientists made this stunning discovery, after trying with apples, flat sponge, crumpled paper, golf balls and wiggly bits of plastic. TOTO is Japan’s biggest and oldest toilet manufacturer. Since 1980 it has sold 20 million hi-tech washlets to a nation of 160 million people. Some of them…