Mars One Way Only

Transport, Frontiers, Star City

The 100 astronauts recently selected by Mars One for a mission to Mars are not expected to come back.

Suicidal Astronauts

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“One minute, an astronaut was waving at smiling children driving by in their parents’ cars. The next, he was jumping off a bridge.”

Space Is The Place

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Booking your next trip? Consider going out to outer space. A number of companies are beginning to offer the vacations to infinity and beyond.

Zambia goes to Mars

Star City

A space suit with tribal markings, a tame elephant, a mummified alien. As though ticking off a shopping list, photographer Cristina de Middel collected the graphic elements she needed for her new project, about Zambia's mysterious space program?

Planet Tiffany

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Over the last 150 years, the diamond industry has spent billions of dollars (and a lot of good karma) trying to convince us that diamonds are one of the most rare substances known to mankind. It all started innocently enough, as until the mid 19th century, diamonds could only be found in a few secluded corners in India and Brazil. But when an expedition to South Africa in 1870 unearthed thousands of…