The birdmen of Istanbul

Tours, Status Symbols, Animals

300 men carrying boxes and cages meet every summer weekend in cafes across Istanbul. Inside each is a bird.

The Penis Park of South Korea

Best Wishes, Looking at Art, Status Symbols

At Haesindang Park, there are penis wind chimes and totem poles, veiny canons made of iron and a row of fully clothed life-size statues masturbating as their dogs look on.

India’s Harvey Milk

Protest, Status Symbols, Get a Job

Meet the 35-year-old Dalit transwoman who has just been elected mayor in India's industrial town of Raigarh.

An Island Where the Ghost Gets Scared

Monoculture, Status Symbols

Welcome to the Island of the Dolls. It’s the B-side, the dark and gloomy flank of multicolor Xochimilco, Mexico.

The IgNoblest of Them All

Status Symbols

The first week in October marks the announcements of the pre-eminent Nobel Prizes, which recognize advancements across fields of science and culture. Established in 1895 by Alfred Nobel, explosives expert and the inventor of dynamite, the awards were formed due to Nobel's lack of an heir as well as his desire to leave a positive legacy. (Apparently a premature obituary in a French newspaper called…