The girl boxers of Nairobi

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In Korogocho slum, would-be rapists wait for teenage girls to walk by. But some of those girls have been taking boxing lessons.

Grassroots Bridges

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Yeah, grass. In the vertiginous mountain town of Huinchiri, Peru, residents use it to build the most amazing works of civil engineering in the world.

The Sound, the Trumpet.

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In Mexico, a plastic bottle has become a trumpet.

Much to learn you still have… My old Padawan

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You first need to learn to control the mind and the emotions, then struggle to acquire lightsaber skills. A Jedi academy in Quilpué, Chile.


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The bullring performances of these short-figured athletes have become itinerant traveling shows throughout Mexico.


Transport, Superheroes, Teenagers

Children deliver roadside assistance on Peru's steep mountain paths, bringing car parts, helping to push a vehicle or conducting rescue operations in exchange for a few coins.