The real Superman

Superheroes, Fans, Eat the Street

As a Superman-for-hire, Mr. Chávez averages US $160 per month- just enough for food and shelter in Peru’s capital.

Death is a Party

Transport, Superheroes, Best Wishes

This is no political rally, no carnival nor religious pilgrimage. This rumbling caravan of cars, bikes and people is a funeral.


Superheroes, Cease Fear, Victims

In Venezuela remains one of the world's strangest and most picturesque of holy courts: la Corte Malandra, or Thug Court.


Superheroes, Going to the Market, Get a Job

I sharpen your knives! Come, come! Baratico.

Chito and Pocho

Superheroes, Telenovelas, Animals

This is the happy story of a man and his gigantic pet crocodile.

Spare Rib

Superheroes, Freedom of Speech

Fashion, gossip, men. Women's magazines in the 1800's weren't so different from today's Cosmo or Grazia.