Fantasies are for the Weak [or, Watching Telenovelas in Bosnia]

Apocalypse, Telenovelas

Back then, Bosnians drank a lot of alcohol, listened to a lot of turbo-folk, and comforted themselves with Latin soaps.


Collector, Fans, Telenovelas

Venezuela's standard of beauty includes a 4 centimetre bust and 2 centimetre hip.

There Once Was a Hospital

Best Wishes, Telenovelas

It was once said that those who died in San Juan de Dios went straight to heaven.

The Korean Connection

Telenovelas, Monoculture

Thanks to the People's Liberation Army, demand for cosmetic eye-lid surgery is on the rise in Manipur, India.

Death is a Party

Transport, Superheroes, Best Wishes

This is no political rally, no carnival nor religious pilgrimage. This rumbling caravan of cars, bikes and people is a funeral.

Chito and Pocho

Superheroes, Telenovelas, Animals

This is the happy story of a man and his gigantic pet crocodile.