Ancient Indian Flying Machines: Better and Earlier Than Ours

Transport, Frontiers, Time

Ancient India's 200-foot-long "jumbo planes" could fly not only forwards, backwards and sideways, but from planet to planet.

Interview: James Howard Kunstler


“When everybody is a zombie, whose brains are left to eat?” asks James Howard Kunstler, acclaimed author of The Long Emergency and The Geography of Nowhere.

In Time We Trust

Money, Food, Time

Imagine if you could pay your next restaurant bill with time instead of money. At Time/Food, this scenario takes place at each meal: this temporary restaurant offers daily lunches where the only currency accepted is a half “hour note”, or 30 minutes of each diner’s time. Based on the fixed-price comida corridas of Mexico, the outpost is organized by Time/Bank, a New York based platform where people…