Rock the Boat

Transport, The Sea, Frontiers

"You bleed from your ears and nose, and you have to spend a week lying down because of the dizziness. After that you can dive without pain."

Grassroots Bridges

Transport, Superheroes, Back to Earth

Yeah, grass. In the vertiginous mountain town of Huinchiri, Peru, residents use it to build the most amazing works of civil engineering in the world.


Transport, The Road

The "witches" of San Cipriano are the lovechildren of a railcar and a motorcycle.


Transport, Frontiers

My purpose is that the North Koreans may be warm in winter, be thankful to South Korea, and most of all, overthrow the North Korean regime.

Harvesters: Mining for Salt

Transport, Money

Hacking at the earth's crust in search of Ethiopia's "white gold": salt.

The Umbrella Ojek


The enterprising few might assist you halfway to your destination, but then ask for more or threaten to make you walk the rest of the way under the pouring rain.