The Trans-Mediterranean Overload

Transport, Frontiers, Going to the Market

Hundreds of Tunisians have returned to the ancient trade of buying and selling across the Mediterranean.

Argentina’s City of Children

Transport, Teenagers, Home

La República de los Niños is a children’s theme park that represents the entire workings of a democratic city.

Mars One Way Only

Transport, Frontiers, Star City

The 100 astronauts recently selected by Mars One for a mission to Mars are not expected to come back.

Ancient Indian Flying Machines: Better and Earlier Than Ours

Transport, Frontiers, Time

Ancient India's 200-foot-long "jumbo planes" could fly not only forwards, backwards and sideways, but from planet to planet.

Anywhere but here


@OnMarsFirst is the real-time report of DIY space adventurer Evghenia, who built her interstellar rocket from spare car parts. “now alone on mars," she writes. "humans is like cute talking space rocks far far away.”

Rock the Boat

Transport, The Sea, Frontiers

"You bleed from your ears and nose, and you have to spend a week lying down because of the dizziness. After that you can dive without pain."