The Manong Pusher


To feed their families and solve the city’s perennial traffic jam, Manila’s squatters have devised a new mode of transportation: the "manong".

The Subway Pusher


With white-gloved hands, the oshiya prod people’s backs and behinds.


Transport, Superheroes, Teenagers

Children deliver roadside assistance on Peru's steep mountain paths, bringing car parts, helping to push a vehicle or conducting rescue operations in exchange for a few coins.

Chiva Express

Transport, Best Wishes, Tours

Usually given the names of women, these ungainly buses are baptized by village priests with a few drops of holy water.

Death is a Party

Transport, Superheroes, Best Wishes

This is no political rally, no carnival nor religious pilgrimage. This rumbling caravan of cars, bikes and people is a funeral.


Transport, Trash, Eat the Street

The Riquimbili, whose name is as untraceable as the parts that compose them, have become one of Cuba's preferred forms of transport.