Snobs On Wheels


In a war between gas-guzzling SUV drivers and friendly neighborhood bicycle commuters it's pretty clear whose side the general population would take. But throw in a few thousand hipsters riding customised flash bikes in their little sister's jeans, and the results might not be the same.

The Silent Treatment


The world is full of cities where speed limits are ignored, traffic lights are merely a suggestion, and a mid-day dash to the grocery store turns into an adrenaline-filled game of Grand Theft Auto. After years of struggling to control the drivers with signs and fines, some of them have finally decided to fight crazy with crazy.

Last year, the traffic police of Nagpur, India tried to harness the…

How will we move, Sian?


As the 2008 Green Party candidate for Mayor of London, Sian Berry had to get her head around the problem of transportation in the British capital. Good for us, because her 50 Ways to Greener Travel became one of our bibles while we were compiling the Transport issue. Reading it was so useful that we decided to ask her a few more questions by email. Here are her answers.

Just to warm up, tell us at…

How will we move, Jacque?


You can call him a formidable genius, a romantic utopian, a mad scientist. One sure thing is that the man has ideas. For COLORS 81 – Transport, we asked Jacque Fresco, founder of the futurist research center The Venus Project, what transportation might look like in the future. Read on for a transcript of our interview.

Can you describe what personal mobility will look like in your vision of the…



You are a seventeen years old lad that was raised in Venice. In your memory box only churches and gondolas. One day your dad comes back from a business trip. He tells you he needs to go back there straight away. You don’t think twice. You pack a pen and a notebook and leave with him. Before even realizing what’s going on you have seen Europe melting into Asia, walked the Silk Road, exchanged paper…

How will we move, Chelsea?


Once upon a time there was the electric car. General Motors produced it, called it EV1 and took it off the market after a few years. At the time Chelsea Sexton was just one of the employees laid off after the EV1 assembly line was closed. Instead of looking for another job in the car industry, Chelsea decided to keep researching and campaigning for alternative fuels. She co-founded Plug-in America,…