Jesus Lives at the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida

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If you arrive at the right time, you can see Jesus staggering through the plastic lanes of the Jerusalem Street Market.

The Tourist’s Totem

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Photographer Corinne Vionnet has done something unexpected with our indigestible production of vacation photos.

Ear Travel

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Acoustic ecologists and amateurs with an iPhone worldwide are recording sounds we normally drown out with headphones.

Space Is The Place

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Booking your next trip? Consider going out to outer space. A number of companies are beginning to offer the vacations to infinity and beyond.

Hotel Dream Jobs

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Unemployed? Or just bored at work? Consider getting a job in the hotel industry, where quirky career paths abound.

The Economist reports that the Tides Riviera Maya Hotel in Mexico, for instance, employs someone with the job title “Soap Concierge.” 
After greeting the luxury resort’s guests at their villas, he is tasked with cutting personalized slices of soap for the new arrivals. But these are…