Apocalypse, Get a Job, War

A radiograph of a not-so-funny joke.

Mess Hall

Apocalypse, Death, War

Think you're safe? This contagious disease was especially and unusually fatal for healthy young adults –nearly half of the 1918 pandemic’s victims were between 20 and 40 years old.

The Elephant on the Ground

Cease Fear, War

Last week, Internet procrastinators everywhere giggled at photos of another soldier passing out during an official ceremony. But it's his comrades' reaction that deserves the most attention.

Tahrir Microeconomy

War, Shopping

Is Cairo in flames yet? For those watching the November revolution on TV, this city can seem littered with thrown rocks and empty shells. But the majority of Cairenes are doing what majorities usually do: tending shop, going to school, driving taxis, baking bread, waiting for news.

How to hold back the tears in Tahrir Square


"The people/ want/ the old teargas!"

What Tahrir says


There are two kinds of history. History with a capital "H" is written with fancy pens in fancy palaces, by kings, generals and politicians. But it's the other kind of history, history with a lower case "h", that is the sum of the individual stories of students, bakers, the unemployed, hairdressers, factory workers and anyone you might find on the streets outside those palaces. Sometimes these two…