Don’t Kill the Messenger

Transport, Extraordinary Fashion, War

These cosmic couriers promise to wake up your sorry, Pabst-soaked, tobacco-stained, inbred existence.

Yes We Ad

Money, Freedom of Speech, Photo Studio

American presidents didn't used to advertise. It all started with Rosser Reeves, the same adman who coined: "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand".


Freedom of Speech

From broken-down trains holding nuclear weapons to portraits of picketing miners. The word "Other” was added to this newspaper’s name for a reason.

Classified Love

Best Wishes, Going to the Market, Marriage

In the classified ads of India’s newspapers, you can find a second-hand car, the house of your dreams, a job as a sales manager for a start-up, and/or a new husband or wife.

Spare Rib

Superheroes, Freedom of Speech

Fashion, gossip, men. Women's magazines in the 1800's weren't so different from today's Cosmo or Grazia.

Lost in the Supermarket

Going to the Market

Sorry, but the cashier who smiled at you on your last trip to the supermarket wasn’t flirting. It’s all part of a consumerism-inducing marketing conspiracy.