Back to Earth, Venice, Death

Less than two miles from Venice is Poveglia, an island associated exclusively with madness, horror, and restless souls.

Hibernia:  the biggest offshore oil platform in the world.

Money, Drugs, Energy

Tall as a skyscraper, nearly 60,000 tons, neighboured by the shipwrecked Titanic. Population: 200.

Tristan da Cunha: the island of only 8 surnames.

The Sea

Tristan da Cunha's current population nears 270 people, all descended from 15 original colonists.

Hashima Island

The Sea, A Town

There are over 500 uninhabited coastal islands within Japan’s Nagasaki Prefecture, but only one has played lair to a James Bond supervillain.

North Sentinel Island

The Sea, Animals, A Town

What do anthropologists dream of? Late at night when they rest their weary heads, some surely drift to the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal.