Lost in The Supermarket - Free Tasting

Going to the Market

Free tastings activate a “reciprocity factor” in your subconscious, making you feel bad if you don’t respond by buying the product, or at least looking at it, after a sample.

Lost in the Supermarket - Endless Lines

Going to the Market

Ever wonder why they don’t open all the cash registers?

Lost in the Supermarket - Nagging Kids

Going to the Market

They are whimsical, insistent and impatient, the perfect consumers.

Lost in the Supermarket - $$$

Going to the Market

It’s annoying because you already know it, but a 0.99 sign will always represents a much cheaper price at first impression than a 1.00 sign.

Lost in the Supermarket - Smells and Colors

Going to the Market, Shopping

A supermarket is an unlikely place to acquire flowers, but blooms are still usually placed near the main entry.

Mess Hall

Apocalypse, Death, War

Think you're safe? This contagious disease was especially and unusually fatal for healthy young adults –nearly half of the 1918 pandemic’s victims were between 20 and 40 years old.