The Myanmar River Divers

Trash, Water, Get a Job

With flimsy handmade masks and weighted down with chains, Myanmar's traditional salvage divers can stay underwater for up to 30 minutes to haul debris from shipwrecks.

Gifts to Hell

Death, Gifts for the Family

To honor the dead, burn paper replicas of luxury goods from Wi-Fi routers to race cars.

Mars One Way Only

Transport, Frontiers, Star City

The 100 astronauts recently selected by Mars One for a mission to Mars are not expected to come back.

Year of the Sheeple

It's a baby!

Chinese couples have been reported requesting Cesarean operations in order to ensure their children are born before the unlucky year.

Ancient Indian Flying Machines: Better and Earlier Than Ours

Transport, Frontiers, Time

Ancient India's 200-foot-long "jumbo planes" could fly not only forwards, backwards and sideways, but from planet to planet.

The World’s Last Tuna

Apocalypse, The Sea, Going to the Market

96% percent of the bluefin population has vanished, thanks to Tokyo's high-profile annual auction and a global tuna black-market.