After the Hurricane


“Make no mistake about it, this was a devastating storm, maybe the worst that we have ever experienced."

Colors in Brazil


Until October 31st, Colors Magazine will be kicking it in the Sao Paulo springtime to launch our newest Portuguese-language edition.

Out Now! Colors #84- Apocalypse


Learn the skills to survive a century of climate change, from building your own nuclear reactor to eating the right kind of trash.


While You Sleep

Whirring blades, blasts of hot air, a dark night. If you give your imagination a chance, Korean Fan Death can begin to sound very scary.

When Prophecy Fails I

Transport, Apocalypse, Madness

Americans are about 3000 times more likely to spot a UFO in the sky than to commit voter fraud.

COLORS #84- Apocalypse : Woefully Unprepared for Zombies


Colors was prepared for catastrophic worldwide floods in the year 2090. No one told us to expect a face-eating Floridian high on drugs we’ve never heard of in May 2012.