Fantasies are for the Weak [or, Watching Telenovelas in Bosnia]

Apocalypse, Telenovelas

Back then, Bosnians drank a lot of alcohol, listened to a lot of turbo-folk, and comforted themselves with Latin soaps.


Food, Refugees

“Baba Jela is Croatian?” I whispered to my mother, pulling on her sleeve. Both my mother and Baba Jela were too scared to say anything. “Baba Jela is our enemy!” I thought to myself.

A Repressed Widow

Best Wishes

"The only remedy for this malady is found in a man’s pants," said Baba Jela after peering into the coffee cup.

Greedy for Chicken Liver Pate


All of our meals were onion soup, and to this day, I have never wanted to taste anything more than that thin, slimy mixture of chicken liver pate. I even had a dream about it the following night, and woke up with the sour taste of disappointment.

#12 Falchi

Sep 25, 2013

In 1975, young people were recruited by Naples’ police headquarters to become the first members of a special, plainclothes mobile unit of butterflies and owls.

Potato Bug Priorities

Cease Fear, Leisure World

No one had any toys after the war. That is how almost all boys and girls in the small rural Herzegovinian town of Gacko became jugglers, zoo handlers, racetrack operators.