Harvesters: Collecting Food-Grade Urine


For generations, the people of Dongyang, China, have prepared a snack called called "virgin eggs" using young boys' urine.

Harvesters: Mining for Salt

Transport, Money

Hacking at the earth's crust in search of Ethiopia's "white gold": salt.

No More Happy Endings

Freedom of Speech, War

Children should know about evil and sadness. One Bosnian grandmother teaches us morbidity: the evolution of a lullaby tradition.


Victims, Violence

This speech, printed and distributed in each single church of Casal di Principe, titled “For the Love of My People, I Will Not Fall Silent,” immediately became a rallying cry for disobedience and fearlessness against the Neapolitan mafia.

The Umbrella Ojek


The enterprising few might assist you halfway to your destination, but then ask for more or threaten to make you walk the rest of the way under the pouring rain.

Fence Hackers


Inventive and profitable, smuggling is one of the biggest industries at the Indo-Bangla border.