The Shabbat Elevator

Transport, Religion

On Shabbat, observant Jews are banned from performing manual labor tasks. That includes pressing the elevator button.

Fun Without Borders

Frontiers, Violence, Immigration

Experience the fun of illegal border crossing.

Call Me Maybe: Cellular assets in South East Asia

Money, Shopping

In South East Asia, asset classes come in different prices and sizes... some of the most interesting in cellular packets.

Fifteen Markets

Going to the Market

To mark the launch of issue 85, Colors ran a photo competition with EyeEm. Out of 748 smartphone photos submitted, here are our favorites.

Begging for Guns

Victims, Violence

It's nearly impossible to buy a gun in Mexico, but very easy to die from one.

How To Get What You Want By Hiding


One day, you could be minding your own business, say, buying food in a supermarket, and find yourself suddenly attacked by a salami-wielding septuagenarian.