How to Rest in Peace in Romania


In black and white: the camera pans over my childhood. I am playing in my grandparents’ village, and then my grandmother calls me inside. Our house has a special room for the "death-coffer".

Graveyard Giggles


You usually go to the cemetery to shed a tear, but in Romania you go to have a good laugh.

Ear Travel

Amazon, Tours, Travel Special

Acoustic ecologists and amateurs with an iPhone worldwide are recording sounds we normally drown out with headphones.

Conspiracy Theory

Best Wishes, Gifts for the Family

Santa's elves are a global team of volunteers who live and respond to wish lists in towns like North Pole, Alaska and Rovaniemi, Finland.

Protesting In The Buff

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Since it was first organized in 2004, the World Naked Bike Ride has become the world’s biggest nude demonstration, mobilizing people in 70 cities in 20 countries. But does it work?

What Tahrir says


There are two kinds of history. History with a capital "H" is written with fancy pens in fancy palaces, by kings, generals and politicians. But it's the other kind of history, history with a lower case "h", that is the sum of the individual stories of students, bakers, the unemployed, hairdressers, factory workers and anyone you might find on the streets outside those palaces. Sometimes these two…