The girl boxers of Nairobi

Superheroes, Teenagers

In Korogocho slum, would-be rapists wait for teenage girls to walk by. But some of those girls have been taking boxing lessons.

Japan’s Broken Arrows

Lust, War, Religion

Yesterday, nearly 2,000 young archers gathered to compete in Ohmato Taikai. All were born between April 1, 1994 and March 31, 1995.

Anywhere but here


@OnMarsFirst is the real-time report of DIY space adventurer Evghenia, who built her interstellar rocket from spare car parts. “now alone on mars," she writes. "humans is like cute talking space rocks far far away.”

Smoked Ham Isn’t That Great

Apr 04, 2014

He almost made me cry the first time I put on the purple winter jacket and purple rubber boots my mother had brought home from the Red Cross warehouse.

Why We Stopped Attacking the Romani


They moved into a roofless shack in May of 1996 and lived there for over a month before anyone in our neighborhood noticed them.

Forgiveness is an algorithm

Dec 17, 2013

Go ahead and sin all you want. There are sacrificial chickens and empty confessionals to help you clear the slate for next year.