The Graffiti Professors

Looking at Art

Acción Ortografica Quito is going around the capital of Ecuador correcting spelling and grammar mistakes in graffiti.

Drones on Rugs

Looking at Art

Afghan rugs witness the conflicts that have been tormenting the country in the past thirty years: first they showed Soviet weapons, then they depicted the consequences of the 9/11 attacks, today they feature US drones, in quality wool.

After Censorship (Praise for Iranian Living Room)

Freedom of Speech, Photo Studio

Iranian Living Room is a collection of 15 photo reportages, shot by 15 Iranian photographers all under the age of 25, in 15 different homes. Everything seems so normal, and yet it is not.

COLORS#1 at Belvedere Festival

It's a baby!

This week, "COLORS #1 - It’s a baby" will be on display at BELVEDERE, “a showcase of the best visual magazines and art books in contemporary culture”, organized by the Institute of European Design in Rome.

São Paulo – A Survival Kit

A Town

Colors' alternative survival tools for life on the streets of São Paulo.

The Fragility Chronicles


We may be as cocky, blatant, loudmouth as you want, but when it comes to our penises, men feel suddenly introverted and vulnerable.